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Canva Unveils New Infinite Whiteboards Features

August 15, 2022

Canva has just introduced a new Whiteboards features to allow multiple users to collaborate on their iPhone, iPad, Mac, or online.

To begin, anyone can start a Canva Presentation and then expand it to a Whiteboard for an infinite brainstorming space.

You can navigate the area with zoom, pan, and scroll features.

A Whiteboards panel provides stickies, voting graphics, shapes and lines, and Canva images videos, and audio tracks.

The timer feature allows you to manage workshops and keep everyone on track.

To get an overall idea of who is working together you can see colorful cursors to see where your collaborators are working and what they are adding to the whiteboard.

Whiteboards can be shared with others as a link or downloaded to capture the highlights following a session.

The feature is available in the Canva app that is free to to download on the App Store now. It’s for the iPhone and all iPad models.

Download the app now

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Canva: Design, Photo & Video
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