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Save Time and Have Stuff Delivered with These iOS Apps

Do you know that you can have almost anything delivered these days? From gifts to groceries to gas, save time with apps that help bring what you need right to your door.

Get Groceries

Forget long checkout lines and that shopping cart with one bad wheel. You can have your groceries brought to your doorstep.

Instacart: Grocery delivery

Get your groceries, save your shopping list, and never leave the house.

Instacart: Grocery delivery

For those who want a grocery delivery app without a paid membership.

If you are looking for a grocery delivery service without worries of a paid subscription or membership, then check out Instacart. Shop for items like fresh produce and meats, schedule a delivery, order from more than one store, save your shopping list, and just pay for delivery. The service is available in over 25 cities across the U.S., so just enter your zip code to see if your location is covered.

Why we love it

Instacart offers easy shopping for your food items. Order, schedule, save yourself time with a simple grocery delivery app.

Thrive Market - shop healthy

Join a health-conscious community and order natural products.

Thrive Market - shop healthy

What's in There?

For those who like to purchase natural and organic products.

If you are interested in healthy food, grocery delivery, and giving back, then check out Thrive Market App. You can shop for natural and organic foods and products with thousands of offerings. And, once you join for $59.95 per year, you are also sponsoring a free membership for a low-income family. The app has easy ordering, quick checkout, exclusive deals, and fast reordering.

Why we love it

If natural and organic foods, personal care, and beauty products are what you seek, then Thrive Market App can help. Join a health-conscious community and have items delivered to your door.

Shipt: Same Day Delivery

Become a member and save yourself from the supermarket.

Shipt: Same Day Delivery

Shipt: Same Day Delivery

For those interested in becoming a Shipt member to have groceries delivered.

If you are ready to skip your weekly supermarket trip, check out Shipt. With a membership, you can shop for products and weekly deals, pay directly through the app, and schedule your grocery delivery. The app also offers a special request feature if you are looking for something in particular. Memberships are currently available monthly at $14 or yearly at $99 and the app is free for iPhone and iPad.

Why we love it

Shipt is a convenient grocery shopping and delivery app for current members or those interested in becoming one. Skip the store and have it Shipt.

Send a Bouquet

Make someone’s day and send a bouquet. Handy flower delivery apps make it easy.

Stay Well-Dressed

Laundry and dry cleaning services that deliver, help you dress to impress without the washer.

ByNext - Home Help, Delivered

ByNext - Home Help, Delivered


ByNext - Home Help, Delivered

For those interested in a laundry delivery service available seven days a week.

Cleanly On Demand Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery brings fresh clothes to your doorstep. Just choose a one-hour window, tell them what you need, and your clothing will be delivered back to you cleaned and ready to wear. You can request laundering, dry cleaning, or both and have it delivered seven days a week.

Why we love it

Cleanly On Demand Dry Cleaning & Laundry Delivery is a handy app for saving time on laundry. Get your clothes washed, pressed, and delivered to your door.

Order Tasty Meal Kits

Check out recipes, place an order for the ingredients, and have meal kits brought to your door. These awesome apps offer meal prep packages with everything you need for a delicious dish.




Give same-old a shake-up with our delicious recipes and precise ingredients, delivered to your door in a big red box.
1. Choose 2-4 delicious dishes from our menu of 50 exciting recipes (there’s a new menu every week!)
2. We’ll deliver your pre-measured ingredients any day you like - you don’t even need to be in to receive them.
3. Dish up impressive meals with all of the flavour and none of the fuss!
A Gousto box is packed with everything you need to totally reinvent dinnertime:
• Precisely measured ingredients (no food waste!)
• Quality produce from trusted suppliers
• 100% British meat, free range chicken, and sustainably sourced fish
• Vegetarian, dairy-free and plant-based options
• Lean in 15 range from the Body Coach
• Easy-to-follow recipe cards with step-by-step instructions
• Family-friendly dishes from £2.98 per portion
• From box to table in as little as 10 minutes

New to Gousto? Enter code GOAPP30N at checkout for a special discount.
Already a Gousto cook? Log in to use these handy app features.
• Scroll through delicious new dishes each week and pick your favourites.
• Swap your recipes right up until your box is packed (3 days before delivery).
• Follow the steps of each recipe in the app cookbook.
• Rate your recipes and leave reviews to tell us what you think.
• Add recipe nutritional information to the Health app.
• View all your past boxes and archived recipes.
• Change your delivery day, box size, and account information with a few taps.
• Pause your subscription and order one-off boxes on demand.
• Invite friends to Gousto to get £10 credit (and give them a big discount too).

By downloading and using this app, you confirm that you accept our T&Cs ( and our privacy and cookies policy (

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Have a Runner Do It

Whether you are busy at work or home, you do not have to stress over the errands you must run. Let someone else tackle them for you.

Favor: Local Delivery Service

Just choose the items you need and have them delivered to you fast.

Favor: Local Delivery Service

For those who want a delivery service app for local stores and restaurants.

When you do not have time to run your errands, call on Favor Delivery. Runners will do your shopping for you and deliver items right to your door. You can browse store and restaurant menus for spots nearby. Or, use the Anything Button to request what you need. The app offers tracking of your delivery and contact with your runner for last-minute items.

Why we love it

Want lunch brought to your office? Need an item from the store for your event? Pop open Favor Delivery and have someone else do the running for you.

Runny - Delivery Service

Post a job and stay home while someone else runs your errands.

Runny - Delivery Service

Runny - Delivery Service

For those who want a delivery service app for errand runs.

Runny – Delivery Service takes care a variety of errand runs and tasks. You can think of the app as a personal assistant. Ask for a meeting to be scheduled, a package to be taken to the post office, or have lunch brought to you at work. Just log in, post a job, and you are on your way.

Why we love it

Runny – Delivery Service provides an easy-to-use errand running service.

Let the Spirits Flow

For your next event, occasion, or celebration, let the libations come to you. Check out alcohol delivery services for your location.

Drizly: Fast alcohol delivery

Drizly: Fast alcohol delivery

Drizly Inc.

Shop multiple local stores all at once for the biggest selection of beer, wine and liquor online. Compare prices instead of being locked into one non-negotiable cost. Snag exactly what you want and get your alcohol delivered.

You can have everything else in your life at the touch of a button (hellooooo, food delivery), so why walk into the store to shop for beer, wine and liquor? And then settle for whatever they have and pay whatever they say? Drizly gives you options.


+ Largest Selection: See thousands of beers, wines and liquors by shopping multiple stores at once.
+ Price Comparison: Finally know exactly which stores in your area have the best prices.
+ Alcohol Delivery: Need it now? No problem. Where available, the store will deliver the goods within an hour.
+ Shipping: Not in a Drizly city? We offer 2-3 day shipping ANYWHERE in the states of California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Washington, and Washington DC.
+ Easy Payment: Conveniently pay with your credit card in the app and show ID upon delivery.
+ Top Shelf Service: Our outstanding customer support team is always ready to help out if you run into any issues.


At Drizly, we work with local stores around the country to make shopping for alcohol way easier. Go ahead. Shop for your favorite bourbon, vodka or IPA. Heck, you can even get ice. We work directly with the local stores you already know and trust and they deliver your beer, wine and liquor where and when you want it.


When it comes to the best way to shop for alcohol, Drizly has you covered. Order your drinks online and the store brings them to your door ASAP. When might that come in handy? We can think of a few scenarios.

+ Drinks running low at your dinner party or office happy hour? The party doesn’t have to end early anymore.
+ Missed a friend’s birthday? Send a bottle. Who says no to a champagne delivery?
+ Need beer for poker night or the big game? Save yourself from running yet another errand.
+ Traveling for work? Never sink to the lows of the hotel minibar again.
+ Trying to locate that hard-to-find item? Check multiple stores without taking a step.
+ Now? Sure, why not.


Drizly is now in more than 100 cities in North America across the following states: Arizona, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Missouri, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Oregon, Rhode Island, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia, Washington, Washington DC, Wyoming.

Visit for most up to date coverage maps.

*Also available in Calgary, Edmonton, and Vancouver, CA.

If you don’t see your city, sign up to be notified when we come to your area. More cities are constantly being added so, fingers crossed, hopefully it’ll be soon.

Must be of legal drinking age to order from Drizly. Obviously.

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BottleRover: Alcohol Delivery

BottleRover: Alcohol Delivery

Critical Telephone Applications, Inc

Bottle Rover is your go-to alcohol delivery app, making it easier than ever before to search for on-demand liquor, beer, or wine based on your location.

With this liquor, wine, and beer delivery app, you can find a store near you, reserve a bottle, schedule pickup or delivery, get back to the party, and earn rewards for ordering through the app. Make your favorite drinks for your favorite friends, anytime, anywhere.

Bottle Rover Features
· Powerful search and filters: We make it easy for you to find the perfect wine, beer, or liquor selection based on your requirements. Play around with our features until you’re satisfied with the results.
· Detailed descriptions: You don’t have to wonder about the wine you are ordering. You can read all about it right through our on-demand alcohol app.
· Largest selection: Sift through thousands of beers, wines, and liquors by checking out multiple participating stores at once. Reserve a bottle in just seconds.
· Price comparison: We make it easy for you to compare prices relevant to your ordering location.
· Alcohol delivery: Do you need your purchase now? No problem! We offer pickup and delivery options.
· Easy payment: Simply pay with your credit card each time you place an order directly through the app.
· Rewards: Earn rewards each time you reserve a bottle through Bottle Rover.

A Liquor Store in Your Pocket
At Bottle Rover, we are constantly adding new participating stores to our app, so you can find one that is most closely located to you. Order now to find the closest liquor store so you don’t have to worry about picking it up yourself.

How Does Bottle Rover Work?
Step 1: FIND a store near you.
Step 2: ORDER the selection.
Step 3: SCHEDULE pickup or delivery directly from your mobile device.
Step 4: READ about cocktail recipes, wine recommendations, and flash deal offers.

Liquor Recipes
Bottle Rover also provides weekly cocktail recipes that make it easy for you to whip up the drink of your dreams. Learn more about wine recommendations and use our tools to locate hard-to-find products and games.

Best of all: we include liquor deals and flash sales. That’s right – affordable wine is just around the corner.

This liquor delivery tool is perfect for:
· Stocking your bar before or after a gathering
· Sending gifts
· Hosting dinner parties
· Hosting office events
· Hosting tailgates
· Planning pre-games
· Planning after-parties
· Crafting post-work drinks for yourself

Bottle Rover is your liquor delivery one-stop shop. Why wait?! THE PARTY STARTS HERE.

Swill - Local Alcohol Delivery

Swill - Local Alcohol Delivery


What is Swill?
Swill is an alcohol delivery platform that connects you with local merchants to provide convenient, on-demand delivery of beer, wine, liquor, and mixers via our app. No more last-minute booze runs when you’re at home, at a party, or in need of a gift. Safe, reliable, and cash-free delivery use Swill to have your booze delivered to you.

Easy To Use
- Quick and reliable delivery
- Vast selection of products
- Quick customer support backs every order
- Satisfaction guaranteed on every order
- It’s time to get Swill

Key Features
- Transparent pricing –– we do not charge additional surcharges or fees for our service
- Large selection of products
- Compare prices between local stores in your area
- Support local businesses in your area

Proudly Serving
- New York City

We’re expanding and hope to be in additional cities, soon. Download the app, enter your address, and be notified when Swill is available in your area!

Fanatical Support
Every order is backed by our in-house support team. We want to make sure you have the best experience with us. If there is something we can help you with please let us know.
Contact us live in the app or email us at

Enjoy Store to Door

Need to buy a last-minute gift? Run out of cleaning supplies? These delivery apps get the retail goods so you don’t have to.

Amazon Prime Now

Amazon Prime Now


Amazon Prime Now

For those who want to skip a trip to the store.

You have better things to do than go to the store. Skip the trip and shop for tens of thousands of daily essentials and gift items through the Amazon Prime Now app. Two hour delivery is free and one hour delivery is available for $7.99. Shop for groceries, gifts, goodies and more from your favorite local stores. Amazon Prime Now will also deliver from your favorite restaurants. The only downfall is it's currently available in select areas.

Google Shopping

Google Shopping

Google LLC

Google Shopping

For who want a retail delivery app with a large variety of popular stores.

With Google Express, you can shop more than 30 stores like Target, Kohl’s, PetSmart, and Walgreens from anywhere. Look at daily sales and deals, enjoy fast delivery, and browse thousands of products in one spot, with one checkout. Google Express makes it easy to stay home, but still get the products you need, quickly.

Why we love it

Google Express is your one-stop shop for items you need without the long lines and crowded parking lots.

Fill Up Your Fuel

Skip the station and gas up your vehicle without leaving the house. These fuel delivery services will fill your tank on-demand.